Taking an SMSTS training course is a very important first step toward learning how to meet the needs for health and safety on the job site. This is a program that is designed for site managers, project managers and supervisors as well as small to medium business owners. If you aspire to any of these positions, enrolling on this Site Management Safety Training Scheme course is vital because many companies will require their site managers to hold this important certificate.

It is an important and comprehensive course that will teach you many important skills and give you the knowledge you need to build a positive and safe working environment.

What Does the Course Cover?

When you enrol on a course, what will this course cover? What will you learn when you are undertaking this training and how will it relate to your career? There are many things that you will learn from this training which will be incredibly helpful to your health and safety career.

This is a course that was designed to help site managers acquire the knowledge that they need to understand their responsibilities so that they can work toward improving the health, safety and welfare of everyone on their construction sites. When you have completed this course, you will be able to follow all of the laws and manage a completely safe site all the time.

First of all, the programme will cover the Health & Safety at Work Act, which includes the regulations that are relevant to the construction industry. It includes Site Set-Up, CDM Regulations, Risk Assessments and much more.

The course will also cover how to complete risk assessments as well as method statements. It also will cover scaffolding as well as electricity, excavations, working in confined spaces and demolition. It will also include recent changes in the accepted working practices that are relevant to the health and safety aspect of the industry.

Skills You Will Acquire

What skills will you take away from this course? One of the most important things you will learn is how to implement the health and safety rules that will keep people in your workplace safe. You will also learn how to devise new health and safety guidance on your particular site, customising it to your particular needs. You will be able to successfully manage health and safety issues on your site, according to the current legal provisions.

Also, your training will give you the knowledge that will protect your company and yourself from any possible legal actions from the Health and Safety Executive. The fact that you have this training will protect you from expensive litigation claims.

These are just a few of the important things that you will learn on the Site Management Safety Training Scheme. There are plenty of courses available out there where you can receive this qualification which will improve your skills and further your career.